Donate to Simon’s Campaign

We are a People-powered movement, that means we don’t have wealthy donors or oligarchs to fund our Campaign, unlike other parties

Donate as much or as little as you can afford, it will all make a difference

Ways to Donate

There Are 3 Main Ways to Pay

You can use any of the links below to see details of how you can help to get Simon elected 

The Easiest way to donate is via bank Transfer

31 Club

Unity Trust Bank

Sort Code 60-83-01

Account :  20325927

please contact us if you need a receipt

How this will Help Simon

Your Donation however small will help us

Thank you for your kind donation, your money will help us end austerity and transform the country, for the many and not the few

I am extremely grateful for your Donation

With Cash

We can accept cash but only in person at Simons office please phone (023) 80 981612 to find out when we are around

By Check

Please Post Your Check / Postal Order to  Simon Letts  Unit 017,  Solent Business Park, 343 Millbrook Road West Southampton SO15 0HW

Give Online

Click on the Donate button to leave your donation.  We can also accept card payments if you phone 07890 475966

How we are Doing

Your Generous Donations

Thank you for your contribution. However much you have given will go towards Simon’s Campaign and help get Simon Elected 


£1,514 Donated

The Amount Unions have Donated 

The is the amount our Generous Comrades in our Affiliated unions have donated towards Simon’s Campaign. This included in the final Total


£445 Donated

The Electoral Commission 

This is the amount of money any political party can Spend on the Short Campaign (Last 5 Weeks)  This is to ensure fairness for everyone



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